Textile Stenter Manufacturing and Assembly by Saben

The Saben Stenter offers top of the range quality at a good price. With European fabrication and a unique design that achieves optimal stretching, drying and thermosetting that industry fabrics and textile finishing machines require in the finishing process. The precision in the control and adjustment of the variables involved, automation, and low-maintenance are all details that characterise a Saben Textile Stenter.


Benefits of a Textile Stenter


Installation of Textile Stenter with Saben

Personalized Advice

We offer technical consultation and support to configure the stenter finishing line to best suit the specific needs of each client depending on the type of fabric processed, the required production speed, on-site location and positioning and any additional resources necessary.

Bespoke Designs

Unfortunately, there is no one generic design that works for everyone’s particular needs. For this very reason we tailor each design to cover the specific demands and requirements of each individual order.

Specialised Manufacturing

The stenter is built with components from the best companies in the market. Our purpose is to provide optimised drying and thermosetting with automated and precise controls resulting in consistent reproducibility of the finished product.

Integrated Assembly

A once labour intensive task now can be adapted to a modern reality.

We carry out the installation of the stenter, fine-tune it and prepare it, ready to start the process it was designed for.

What type of Stenter do you need?

We are experts in advising, manufacturing, assembling and installing Textile Stenter Machines. Contact us and let our experts us advise you.

Technical Specifications and Advantages of the Saben Textile Stenter

  • Machine Speed: 3.5 to 70m/min.
  • Working Width: On request of client demands.
  • Highly effective thermal insulation panels.
  • Minimum energy loss.
  • Environmental efficiency.
  • Easy access to internal components for maintenance.
  • Robust design of elements requiring low-level maintenance.
  • Programmable and automated lubrication of chain and sliding blocks.
  • Independent width adjustment spindles per field for weft yarn shrinkage.
  • Nozzles with plug-in system for easy cleaning
  • Automatic covering of infeed and outfeed slits to suit fabric width.
  • High performance radial fans with direct attack on motors providing highest drive capacity with uniform air distribution and air quantity.
  • Precision, reproducibility and uniform distribution in the degree of drying and thermosetting.
  • Regulating flaps in front of the nozzle boxes allowing top and bottom airflow to be continuously adjusted.
  • Removable filters allowing for cleaning and maintenance without stopping machine.
  • Available heating types: direct gas, indirect gas, thermal oil, steam and electric.

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Frequently asked questions about Stenter Machine

Stenter machines are well known in the textile industry, they are commonly known as ‘Stenters’ or ‘Rames.’ They are an essential part of the finishing, fixing and drying process of fabric. The stenter allows you to correct weft problems and widen the weft or warp. It consists in a conveyor chain that rotates on the stenter rail and an oven that increases its temperature to dry and provide thermal treatment to fabric.
Between 5 to 6 months once the client’s offer has been accepted.
It is difficult to give a figure due to the variation of price depending on the specifications of the machine. These include the fabric width and the accessories each client requests. In accordance with the specific needs of the client, a personalised quote will be given.
You should make sure it meets the highest productivity and quality requirements to fulfil your objectives at the lowest price possible.

Because in industry, decisions made mean an investment relies on payback over time, in some cases years. Finding attainable solutions are in most cases varied.
We can help you find the best possible solution so you can get started with your project as soon as possible.

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